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About Us

About Us

About US

Big Boss Music Group is a record label with a unique stand point. Its main goal is to let the backbone of the music industry be heard.
We’ve created a platform where producers, artists and singer songwriters, who’ve never had the chance to showcase their music but still have written most of your favourite tunes, to shine with their own light!
Stepping aside from the industry’s archaic view of what an artist should look or sound like, we offer the artist total freedom to portray themselves as they wish.
It’s all about good music, and taking back the power to express your creativity without boundaries.
We’re the minority, the songwriters, the artists and producers this industry depends on, supporting each other is where we draw the most strength, no matter your sex, race, religion or creed. If your soul and your music are from the heart, we’ll make sure you’ll be heard!

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