1. Mystery Lounge 2:07
  2. Heavy Beat 1:30
  3. Gangsta Rap 4:08
  4. Hip-Hop Asylum 2:03

Happy Place is a full-body collaboration with the maverick producer duo ICEY GHOSTS who
have been making waves internationally producing for the likes of JESS B, RUBI DU, NAUTI,
and the BLK CITY crew.
Happy Place is an audio experience that adheres to the laws of “dopeness” and dopeness
Happy place is our escape from reality, we made these songs when nz was in covid lockdown
and Waguan drove 8 horse in the dark to sneak form his city to the city where ICEY was living
after being kickoud out of L.A due to covid also.
We tuned the world out and hit the studio without inhibition and tried our best to push our
boundaries and try and get to a new place sonically as well as mentally.
Our most memorable session is the one that gave us computer boy, snowbunny where we took
turns sleeping depending on whos turn it was to record or produce, icey would sleep while i
recorded, and i would sleep while icey produced/mixed until we where done, there was no
actual sleep taking place.
– Blang is an introductionto my disposition as an Afro Kiwi, as a 21 year old living in 2021
and most importantly why and where i draw my art.
Blang is shiny, blang is bright, blang is up, but at the same time its very very very dark
and twisted when you listen to the lyrics in detail youll find is evident that im rapping out
being trapped, feeling like my lights being snuffed out, and how much it hurts when you
feel like its your job to spread that light but cant.
– Computer boy is a huge FUCK YOU to those who didnt believe in us while also a battle
cry to the folk who are just like us and need a beacon, in the song i rap about the
“Computer Boy” the zuckerberg potential billionare type guy who has dream theat those
around him couldnt even begin to fathom so they laugh, they laugh and laugh right up
until they realise that we were on the whole time, it now our world and your living in it.
Dont worry Computer Boy, we always win in the end.
– Snowbunny is FUN, stop overthinking it, you want an explanation well theres your
explanation , WE ARE ENJOYING OURSELVES, if you have a problem with that or
wanna read into that, that s on you boo, but while snobunny is plying, we have not a
care nor a intelligible thought int he world, we just straight kicking it. Waaguan and iceys
take on the classic drugs money and women trope that hiphip loves regurgitating and
swallowing over and over again except this time we’re honestly just here to enjoy
ourselves as opposed to geting lost in the sauce.
– Discomfort is my personal favourite track where i give my take on the culture over what
might be ICEYGHOSTS hardest beat to date. The main lyric being “why you like gangsta
shit, white girl only want gansta dick” which speaks on the state i see hiphop in at the
moment, which is white.
Shows are full of white boys who buy all the merch and the parties are full of white
women who dont know how to behave, they know how to twerk now though, which i
thought would be fun , but the fact that they now wont stop twerking has become a
nightmare and we are in the middle of having our culture taken from us, i pay homage to
whats real in the second verse in the hope of injecting something genuine into the
perspective of whoevers listening
– i have never been mentally stable, I dont wish to be mentally stable, stability seems
fraudulent to me, ISUOKAY shares how i enjoy getting my own world on fire on the daily
and sit in the flames with a smile on my face. Oh how fucked the world has become,
“safe as” i say.

– Reality isnt real u idiot, you look stupid taking life so serious, sorry but you do


Waguan is bringing a new, potent, energy to all the “flavourless punk-ass jives who need it” Inspired by radicals such as Russell Brand and Kanye West, Waguan takes a radically artistic approach to his music and life in general.
“my music is dope like a pair of nunchucks, but like the nunchucks are blessed by good and will save the world type vibe”.
Musically im inspired most by EARTHGANG. Past reincarnations include GENGHIS KHAN AND AMELIA EARHEART, enjoys long walks on the beach, lactose intolerant, currently single, may or may not have latent superpowers,
My dream collaborations would involve Kanye west and Fergie.


Zimbabwean Born, NZ raised