Amerildo is the echo you hear in the streets, the voice for those who’ve known
struggle their entire lives and still manage to give a middle finger to this broken
system, the man that perseveres even in the direst of circumstances, the mirror for
those who yearn to escape the gutter to achieve greatness.
He knows where the basement is so follow his rooftop terrace experience with a
drip of hood.
Massive believer in the law of attraction, he’s written, free-styled and manifested
every single one of his dreams into existence in an avalanche of flows and rhymes
with such quality, it’ll make you a believer too.
Ears wide open for the BIG BOSS.

Amerildo de Krijger

Amerildo de Krijger is the artist, the big boss, the CEO of BB Music Group, CEO
Big Boss Music and founder The Superstar Brokers, the award winning songwriter,
consultant, creative director & 3 times Buma award winner, a living and breathing
black excellence legend, and after a few years of hiatus, he’s back to taking front
stage as a recording hip-hop artist superstar.
Working for years with artists of caliber like Dizzy Rascal, Eva Simons, Boaz van de
beats, Ronnie Flex, Era Istrefi and many more.
BB Music group gives him the platform he needs to let his creativity roam free.